About Me

Jill Terry with her Canaan Dog, Sandy

Hi! My name’s Jill Terry, nice to meet you! To the right is me with one of my dogs, Sandy. Albeit was taken a few years ago now, and Sandy is sadly no longer with us!

I was born in north-west London, but my parents moved to Norfolk when I was 15 years old, and that’s where I have spent most of my life with my husband, Ian, and several dogs!

When I first met Ian, he had an interest in photography, owning a Nikon FE (back in the days before digital!) and doing a small amount of black and white developing. Of course I became interested, but life seemed to get in the way and we more or less stopped taking photographs, which I sometimes regret! Dogs played a big part in our lives, and we used to show and breed the occasional litter.

I’ve always been interested in photographs and images, and loved computer work. So in 1999, with the onset of the World Wide Web, it seemed natural for me to go into building and developing websites, which I simply love doing!

A few years later I expanded slightly sideways and got into creating digital art from my photos and other media. I love all forms of art, from dark gothic to beautiful flowers and landscapes to folk art and cartoons!

Unfortunately, ill health came for me and, after some years, I was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, ME and CFS, plus I have always suffered from anxiety. The result is that I am in constant pain and suffer exhaustion. I became just about housebound and my work suffered tremendously. The one saving grace was our holidays to Spain and then Fuerteventura, where I found my pain was slightly less.

In 2015 we decided we would move to Fuerteventura with the hope that it would slightly ease my condition. So, in February 2017 we had sold our beautiful home in Norfolk and moved lock stock and barrel to Fuerteventura!

That brings us to the purpose of this website! I have recently been encouraged once again to start creating, and will share my progress here as I go along. I know it won’t be easy because of my health issues, but at least I will be trying!

I’d love it if you followed my progress! All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter. I NEVER spam, and you will only receive an email from me when I update this website with new content!