The Harbour

Harbour at Gran Tarajal

“I spent uncounted hours sitting at the bow looking at the water and the sky, studying each wave, different from the last, seeing how it caught the light, the air, the wind; watching patterns, the sweep of it all, and letting it take me. The sea.” Gary Paulsen, Caught by the Sea

The morning clouds rolled away, allowing the warm winter sun to shine down out of pale blue skies, producing hundreds of tiny stars dancing on the gentle ripples of the sea. The boats swayed gently on the calm waters, safe within the harbour.

A beautiful winter morning had us visiting the beautiful resort of Gran Tarajal. Cameras out, and photos taken in the bright noon sunshine. But it was really to bright, too harsh for photographs. A decent enough photo though boring (well for me anyway!), so it definitely called for a quick ‘finger painting’.

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