Finger Painting! Really?

Finger Painting

OK, so if I told you that I love finger painting, I’m sure that the first image that springs into your mind is of me with my fingers covered in coloured paints and running them over a piece of paper! Whilst that may be great fun, it’s not the kind of finger painting I mean!

I mean, of course, digital finger painting! Well, it’s not really finger painting as such. In the art course run by Sebastian Michaels, he talks about creating every day and practising with finger painting. In his terms a finger painting is quick and simple. You open an image, any image, and just start creating; adding textures and overlays, adjusting the lighting and shadows, adjusting the colours. They should only take you about 15 minutes, just to get you started.

Finger painting gets your creative juices flowing, and keeps how to do things fresh in your mind, while learning how to do new things. Putting you in that creative mind leads you into more complex creations.

Of course, many times it starts out as a quick finger painting will hold you entranced and you simply can’t stop. All the time taking your art further.

It’s wonderful! Whilst I probably won’t be doing finger painting every day, you will get to see what I do manage to do!

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