Flying High

Flying High

The balloon seems to stand still in the air while the earth flies past underneath. Alberto Santos Dumont

Time for Challenge 2! The biggest demand was that we had to incorporate the technique for making a selective black and white image; we then had to use two textures and a square grunge edge effect, all from a specific selection. With these we had to use TWO of our photos.

I decided to use the lonesome tree photo once again, and added the hot air balloon. First of all I merged the two photos and made adjustments to luminance and colour. I then added a black and white layer, and masked out the balloon to bring back the bright colours. I added two of the given textures, duplicating one of them and blending them all in to the photos. These brought colour to the image, giving an almost sunset feel to it. To this I added one of the required square edge effects, and cropped the image to fit. I then added some more filter textures to give it a grainy feel.

Before Image After Image

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