Disco Diva

Disco Diva

A true diva is graceful and talented and strong and fearless and brave and someone with humility. Beyonce

Another piece of art I created in collaboration with the fabulous award winning photographer and artist, Gabriel Olude, from Lagos, Nigeria.

I love fractals, their beautiful shapes, colours and lighting bring an additional beauty into the world of art. For this piece I started off with a textured background to compliment the purple colour of the model’s dress. I decided to stick with that colour, and brought in several different fractals, changing the hue where necessary, repositioning them, masking parts I didn’t want. I then blended in a photo of a galaxy, giving an additional interest of the beautiful stars. I added and blended in various elements of smoke, pebbles, bubbles and glitter. Added a vignette to darken the image, just highlighting her face and shoulder. A purple to blue gradient enhanced the colours. I then did curve adjustment to various tones and colours. I then added a few more fractal swirls around the model, and more glitter above and behind her. Yet more fractals were added. I then gave the whole piece a painterly look, and finished off with a canvas texture.

Before Image After Image

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