A Lonely Chapel

A lonely chapel

Climb every height to meet the rising morn; Above the waving tops, high mountains rise, In distant glory, and assault the skies. Enchanting valley, in its centre stands, a lonely chapel built by pious hands.

Ermita de San Andrés; this beautiful little chapel is practically in the middle of nowhere, just above the town of Tetir. I have no idea if it is still in use, or visited on a regular basis; however, as it looks in good condition from the outside, and I imagine it is still used occasionally, if not regularly.

I felt it cried out for a vintage look, which is something I’ve never done before. So, this time I’ve gone on a completely different venture to my norm! It took quite a bit of work with layers, textures, lighting, tones and colour, but I was pleased with the result.

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