Vermin’s Diner

Vermins Diner

He was up especially early that morning, and immediately set to work checking his car over once again. It was time. He got in the car and stepped on the gas. Driving slowly through the narrow, windy lanes. He arrived at his destination, parked the car. He was nervous. He had spent all his time and money on his beloved classic car and was desperate to win.

The original photo was taken of a car exhibit at a Classic Cars competition held at Parsons Drove, Norfolk.

The finished artwork was done for a specific Challenge. We were given very strict instructions on the minimum we must include. This is in order to get your focus and to stop being overwhelmed when you have so much material to use in your art. We could take one or two of our own photos. Next we had to add two textures, one grunge film effect to be used as an edge, and one vector, all from a selection given.

It was then up to us what to do next. We could duplicate layers, transform any of the layers, make any adjustments, layer masks and blend modes, or even use anything from the Filter Gallery in Photoshop.

The final requirement was that we MUST incorporate techniques of painting with colored light, and other similar painting techniques.

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